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We have successfully battled many major corporations and big businesses in all areas of personal injury, wrongful death, and product liability.

We have successfully represented hundreds of seriously injured clients and the families of loved ones killed by the negligence of others. We are here to help you in your time of need.

Keen has litigated numerous cutting-edge cases in product liability and other complex areas, achieving multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements throughout Florida and nationally. Through the court system, Keen has helped make products safer and hold irresponsible corporations and individuals accountable.

HAMPTON KEEN has litigated cases in more than a dozen states with damage awards and settlements totaling hundreds of millions.

KEEN LAW GROUP understands juries and how they come to their decisions in product liability cases. We know the best way to present a case so that jurors truly understand the facts and context before reaching a conclusion.

Our commitment to excellence often results in discovering facts others may miss. As zealous advocates for our clients, we stand ready to fight for truth and justice.